Yodeck (Flipnode LLC)

Scrum Master

We are looking for an experienced Scrum Master to serve our development teams and coach them to excellence. [Athens, Greece]

Yodeck is a next-generation digital signage service powering screens across the globe, with a super intuitive platform that both our users and partners love. To keep it that way, we are constantly on the lookout for talented, self-motivated, and digitally-minded ninjas to join our ever expanding team.

Are you ready for the challenge to help shape the future of digital signage? We are all about great working conditions and zero formalities, so come and join us and be part of something special.

We are looking for an experienced Scrum Master to be a humble servant yet a powerful coach to our expanding development teams. Our amazing engineering department is growing fast, building new features and improving our code-base and infrastructure. Our ideal Scrum Master should have an engineering background with lots of experience in the agile methodology, and help our teams further improve their efficiency and increase their throughput and happiness.

Things you will be regularly working on include:

  • Perform SCRUM rituals with each development team
  • Manage all teams through Scrum of Scrums, or other preferred multi-team paradigm
  • Manage suggestions (from all stakeholders - customers, partners, team) and incorporate them in the backlog as User Stories
  • Groom our backlog (using Jira), working closely with the Product Owner and the whole team

In case you are selected for the position of the Scrum Master, you will have access to the following:

  • A competitive remuneration package, with benefits and a Stock Option plan
  • Company-wide bonus scheme
  • You will be working with extremely talented and cohesive teams
  • Your input will directly affect product decisions and time planning 
  • Great working conditions, zero formalities, with awesome geeks and a beautiful office space

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