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Embed your job postings directly on your careers page

No CC required. No obligations. Forever FREE plan available.

Publish jobs easily

List your open positions straight on your webpage and manage them through an easy to use platform. No learning nor special skills required.

Candidates never leave

Build custom application forms that your candidates can fill directly on your website without ever leaving it.

Get better candidates

Have your entire application process on your Careers page, so that your candidates can get a touch of your world and better understand who you are.

Create a job board that belongs to your webpage and matches your style

Careers page on website

Posting good looking Jobs on your webpage is fast and easy! Stowhire is designed to use your website styles and make job listings that automatically fit your design. You simply paste our embedding code once on your page and forget till eternity.

  • easy job creation and management;
  • customizable application forms;
  • hosted webpage also available;
  • PRO help from our designers upon request;

No CC required.

One time installation

Stowhire takes a minute to install on your website and won't require a team of trained professionals. Copy the embedding code, paste it to your Careers page body and forget about it for eternity.

Easy to use job management dashboard

Manage all your job listings from a simple dashboard. It's easy to draft, publish and edit as a click of a button.

Manage job openings easily

Segment jobs by department

Jobs of great numbers and many divisions require some sorting and neat look. Create and Segment your jobs by your departments. Then simply drag and drop to arrange your departments and jobs order on your webpage.

Segment job positions by department

Customizable application form

Different positions require different means of application. Except the standard Name and Email you can add as much custom file or text fields as you need. You could either create long questionnaires or have multiple file fields for candidates to upload their CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn profiles - whatever suits your case!

Customizable application form

Automatic styling

It is important to have a consistent brand image, look and feel. That is why the embedded job listings will automatically inherit all styles from your website so they will look consistent and in place.

Optimise your recruiting process

Have your entire recruitment flow laid out in a centralized platform.

Learn more Applicant tracking system dashboard

Data insights

Improvement in Employer Branding cannot be separated from analytics! Withyou can track how many views a particular job listing has.

Job postings dashboard data chart

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