What is StowHire and how it can help your startup or small business

Welcome to our blog.

This is our first post and I'll use it to introduce you to our platform and to provide some info on how it can help you.

StowHire is a simple hiring tool that is designed to help startups and small businesses hire online faster. It won't magically fix everything recruitment related, but it will take away the hassle of managing jobs posting and candidates so you can focus on the important stuff.

Our Applicant Tracking System experience

We built StowHire after experiencing couple of the leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). They all seemed overwhelmingly complex to use and packed with features that are useless for a small, already confused, recruiting for the first time team.

startups using ATS

We needed something small and efficient that would be easy to use without a learning curve. After not finding it, we ended up building it ourselves. Now StowHire focuses on providing only the most important pieces of functionality in the most straightforward manner. Simplicity and ease of use is our prime priority.

We bootstrapped it's existence, we aren't VC backed so now we can take a more lean approach instead of adding features for the sake of adding features.

Posting job openings

StowHire addresses two key recruiting aspects - publishing jobs and managing candidates.

If you want to hire, candidates need to learn about your job openings, right? StowHire makes it super easy to publish job listings on your website, so you can share them on social media, job boards or just let your visitors know.

All you have to do is install a simple script on your website - a simple 5 sec copy/paste job. From there you get to use the simple dashboard to manage your job postings.

simple ATS for posting jobs

Tracking job candidates

Once you are all set, you can start collecting job applications. StowHire renders the application forms straight on your webpage so the candidates won't have to go to third-party websites to apply.

Each application is automatically categorized for easy access and you know what exactly what happened when - no spreadsheets and CV files across emails. You can easily view application data, leave notes and evaluate your candidates. You get quick and easy access to public social profiles too.

easy applicant tracking for startups

This way you have a centralized place where all your data is, you can quickly view/evaluate all candidates and you won't end up missing applications. Soon you'll also have the option to communicate with your candidates directly through the platform.

We are committed to helping startups and small business and our pricing is designed to reflect that. If you are just starting out, you can use StowHire for free - no limitation, trial periods, commitments nor anything, just use till you start scaling.

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