How to embed your job postings directly on your website

StowHire makes it easy to embed you job postings directly on your website. Here's a quick guide how to do that.

Before else it's worth mentioning how different our embedding approach is. Instead of spitting out an entire styled page (in an iframe for example...), we gently insert only pure HTML so that your browser can use your own CSS to style the StowHire elements. As a result the embedded job elements are 100% consistent with the overall styling. To compliment that, our application forms render directly on your website and your candidates can apply without ever getting redirected to other URLs.

In order to get started, you need to navigate to the embedding section of your dashboard. You can do that either from the main Jobs page where you can find the "Embed jobs" by hovering the navigation icon like that:

or you can go to the main Companies page and click it there:

Once you are on the Embed page, there are only two small snippets you need to copy on your website. The first one connects to our server and initiates the embedding. It looks like this:

The second one indicates where exactly on the page the jobs should render. Looks like this:

Moving these two snippets to your website is all you need to do to make it work. Once you have it set all published jobs will automatically render on your website.

If you are having trouble with that you can contact us and our dev team will be more than happy to help. Our designers also offer customization help for free. Just let us know.


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