30 + niche job boards to hire developers, startupers or digital nomads

One of the 3 greatest challenges every startup faces is recruiting real team members not just employees that will either drop or just work for the buck. There is one other case harder than this one - finding a tech cofounder/developreneur. Than you should consider the lean approach to finding a cofounder.

Let's say you have passed this situation and have a working team. Before even thinking about recruiting you should first figure out who you are and what are your core values and what will make your team stronger. Only after that you would be able to define the perfect candidate and hence find the right channels where to find her.

Here we are working on the Ultimate List of Sourcing Resources (coming soon) - a list of 800 + job boards, talent pools, facebook groups, reddits and more. In this blog post we will share some of the not so mainstream channels where you can get your first hire quickly. They are separated in 3 sections for your conveniece: Software Developers, Startups and Remote workers. We have selected them to be niche, with small target audience and financially effective, so that you would have higher chances of success.

Software Engineer or Developer jobs

job boards for hiring software developers

Finding a good developer that will stay is a rare case of event, but there might be a hidden gem laying around in one of those sources. Most of these job boards and facebook groups are not super competitive, but have a decent amount of traffic, so if you are just starting out, here should be easier than a general job board.

Angular Jobs FB GROUP (free)

Job sharing Facebook group for Angular developers. 7300 members from all around the world and a decent amount of post engagement. Perfect if you’re looking for UI/UX or Front End developers

Ruby on Rails Jobs FB GROUP (free)

International niche job sharing Facebook group for Ruby developers. 8500 rubyists collaborate on their projects and share job working opportunities.

ASP.Net/ C# Developer Jobs FB GROUP (free)

A place for ASP.Net developers to network and find out about job opportunities. This is a group strictly for job posting. 13 500 members. The engagement of the posts seems low, but this might be due to the competition. If you’re posting there, be sure to make your posts standout.

Web Design And Development Jobs FB GROUP (free)

Facebook group for job posting and job searching. This is a well developed page with 9000+ members, but the posts don’t last for more than an hour due to competition. Get ready for some action there, and make sure to post in the right times of the day.

Mobile Developer Jobs (iOS/Android) FB GROUP (free)

Closed group of 13 000 mobile developers and employers.

London Tech Startup Jobs FB GROUP (free)

Very well moderated page. The posts seem to be filtered and so even though this is a group of 19 000 members, the posts get great engagement! However be sure to NOT post any unpaid roles, including internships or any other spam. PS - no recruiters allowed.

Dev Bistro (free)

Developer Job Board for US employers. The great thing about this job board is that it is great for sourcing - you can browse resumes and contact the candidates you’ve liked.

UploadVR (free/3m)

Dedicated to VR developers, this is an international job board with a great design and free posts. Pay only if you are satisfied! What surprised me is that for such a niche site it has a HUGE talent pool!

RubyNow ($99/45 days)

Email subscription job board. This is the oldest ruby job board on market that you can find and has a 2500 subscribers that follow the job listings. Target - International.

PythonJobs ($199/45 days)

Powered by ZipRecruiter, this is US job board targeted in python jobs, with the great capability to browse candidate profiles.

PythonJobsHQ ($199/45 days)

Powered by Indeed, posting a listing to this is job board, also also goes to their Weekly Newsletter and Twitter page.

Icrunchdata ($375/m)

Very targeted job board in Data Analytics/Science jobs in US. It costs 375$ per job listing or 3 for 900$ and the good thing is that the data is super fresh and has a good amount of traffic.

Landing.jobs (custom)

If there is a job board/group that has impressed me a lot, this is it. This NOT only a job board, but a great bunch of recruiting pros that can help you hire the right candidates. You can use them to get hires, applications or source for candidates. And whatever your choose they would be thinking about your company culture, employer branding and recruitment flow.

Startup, Cofounder and Tech jobs


Next step! You have your developers, you are now looking to grow a core team to build your company with. Here you can find pages where you can not only source for sellers, marketers, designers, recruiters, etc, but cofounders, investors, angels and like minded people.

UP Montreal: Tech Startup Jobs FB GROUP (free)

Facebook group of 7000 active startupers looking or posting TECH job opportunities in Montreal. The group has a good engagement on the posts and you can even find some members with a decent portfolio behind looking for a CTO opportunity. Keep the spam away, because this is a well moderated page with some quality candidates, that are actively searching!

DC Tech Jobs FB GROUP (free)

5500 members, this Facebook group is another piece of gold for those in the DC area. If this is where you are based, be sure to check on them soon, because they seem to be planning an Expo/Job Fair in 2017.

Startup Agents (free)

These guys seem to have a very strict target customers and everything else is filtered. Only for small startups! What makes them stand out is that you can find talent by their values and risk aversion, to better match your team and ofcouse the typical - Objective, Education, Work History, etc.

StartupJobs (free/2m)

60 days free job posts for startups based in US or Canada. There is a remote work section if you are looking for a digital nomad. Note: The blog seems to feature companies and their open positions, which might be a good opportunity for some SEO, employer branding and visibility, so make sure to check how to get there.

F6s (free)

Is a job board + deal/benefit system + event sharing system + coworking space promotion database + you can find angels, investors and accelerators. … are you a startup? You should probably check f6s and make sure to take the most out of it.

Berlin Startup Jobs (EUR 50/3m) & London Startup Jobs (GBP 50/3m)

are two identical job boards targeting different cities. The London site is a little bit newer, so you can use that in your advantage in visibility for the moment. And if you are looking for a cofounder by any chance, there are appropriate filters for the job seekers.

Cofounders Lab ($60/3m)

A huge network of 300k + entrepreneurs looking for their right fit. If you want to create a dream team or looking for a cofounder and don’t know where to start - this is your place. It costs 60$ for 3 months to enter the community.

StartUpHire ($79/m)

This is a job board made for venture backed startups based in the US. It is an old school looking site, but the filters it uses and the number of jobs posted signifies the amount of work behind it. What is interesting about is that the owners offer a great variety of RPO services and you can literally leave your whole recruiting to them or so it seems. Features - Talent Vault, Automatic posting from your Careers Page, RSS for interested candidates.

Startup Jobs Europe

A large hub for startup jobs in Europe, where you can also find information about upcoming events in the startup community in Europe. Post there if that is your target area and you're unsure where to find your first candidates.

StartupJob ($5000 per hire)

This is a candidate referral site, not your typical job board. Candidates upload their resumes, a curator checks and filters their CV and in the end of the month you get a monthly digest with the best candidates for you in your area. Areas that they work with: New York, Boston, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle. Take into account that currently you have to pay a referral fee of 5000$ for a hired candidate(read the small print).

Remote work and Digital Nomad jobs

Niche job boards for remote workers

Are you all working remotely and looking for another digital nomad to share your goals and passion? You may find it here!

Remote Jobs FB GROUP ($free)

A closed Facebook group of 3000 members looking ONLY for remote opportunities. It is well curated and managed, so be sure to read the rules and post accordingly.

Freelancermap (free)

Free for freelancers and recruiters, this is a great place if you are looking for a short term job on a project. You can also browse a pool of almost 13k freelancers.

Virtual Vocations (free)

The one site that hand-screens every single job that is in their database. It is entirely oriented to the candidates and matching their needs. Actually this is a job board, where candidates pay to get the dream job, so this is why it is absolutely free for employers to post remote jobs! Take into account though, that the competition is huge.

RemotelyAwesomeJobs (free)

A remote job aggregator that let’s you post for free (still in beta). Jobs posted directly on their webpage are featured on the top, so they get more views. They also have an email subscription talent pool, that follows their featured remote positions. They seem to grow fast, and I do believe that in the future this will become a very competitive job board for employers and a great place for job seekers. Note: they have a great job filtering/search mechanism

Skip The Drive ($49/m)

Powered by Jobs2Careers, this is another good alternative to post you remote jobs. 49$ for 30 days, full money-back guarantee, a job board recommended by Neil Patel. Take into account though, that the searching mechanism is a little bit clumsy. Just make sure to write some keywords for the ease of your candidates.

Remotive ($129/m)

Another small job board targeting digital nomads and remote workers. They have 20k subscribers following their blog, featured jobs, and a slack community of 200+ remote workers. 129$ to post on their webpage and twitter.

Working Nomads ($149/m)

A small job board entirely focused on remote jobs with a neat and simple design. Currently there are about 150+ jobs listed, so if you are looking for a place with low competition and moderate traffic - this is your place.

Authentic Jobs ($100-$400/m)

Are you looking for creative pros, designers or hackers? AuthenticJobs is the place to find them for a fair sum between 100$ and 400$. This is a job board used by companies like Apple, Facebook, Mercedes and the big names. And if by any chance you are not satisfied, there is a full money-back policy or free repost.

RemoteOk ($200/3m)

Ok, so we want to keep this post away from the mainstream job boards, but this one is a must to mention. 500k remote workers, 30k email subscribers, 25+ syndicated similar websites, post to their Facebook and twitter pages … All of that for 90 days for 200$, sounds like a good deal. In any case, it is a well managed job board, with lots of filter options, fresh info and a lot of traffic.

PowerToFly ($999/m and 3 jobs)

Are you hiring for team strength and diversity? This is more of a talent pool/job board that works to connect highly skilled women to employers. What makes it unique is that most of the talent is pre-screened/ vetted and that is why you get the cream of the crop! It is a little pricy thou …

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