How to embed your job postings directly on your website

StowHire makes it easy to embed you job postings directly on your website. Here's a quick guide how to do that.

Before else it's worth mentioning how different our embedding approach is. Instead of spitting out an entire styled page (in an iframe for example...), we gently insert only pure HTML...

Product Update: Team member profiles

This is a quick product update just so you are aware of the new features you can use.

StowHire now allows you to create profiles for your entire team so they can participate in the hiring process as well.

In order to do so, you need to log in into your dashboard, navigate to the sidebar, click...

What is StowHire and how it can help your startup or small business

Welcome to our blog.

This is our first post and I'll use it to introduce you to our platform and to provide some info on how it can help you.

StowHire is a simple hiring tool that is designed to help startups and small businesses hire online faster. It won't magically fix everything recruitment...


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